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TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 Replacement Laptop battery

TOSHIBA li-ion - 7800mAh / 10.8V batteries for Toshiba Equium U300-15i Series

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(battery-notebook.net Item Code: LTO080_001)

Brand New: TOSHIBA
Availability: In Stock
7800mAh,10.8V li-ion TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 Laptop Battery
Special Price: US $79.99
[Updated In April,2012]
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PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 - Description:

Please make sure the product that you are going to buy fits the model and part number of your original laptop.
TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery. PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 Replacement laptop batteries with Premium quality and 100% compatible with the original equipment.Purchase TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 high quality and lowest price!
Shopping with us is safe and secure! 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!
 Battery Type : li-ion  Battery Color : black
 Battery Capacity : 7800mAh  Battery size : 205.10 x 59.30 x 20.20 mm
 Battery Volt : 10.8V  Product Code : LTO080_001
 Condition: Brand new, third party generic replacement, exceeds OEM
 Warranty: 100% compatible, promised to meet or exceed OEM specifications with 30 days money back guarantee and 1 year warranty!
Compatible Battery Part NO:
PA3593U-1BRS, PA3593U- 1BAS, PABAS110
PA3594U-1BRS, PA3594U- 1BAS, PABAS111
PA3595U-1BRS, PA3595U- 1BAS, PABAS112
Battery Fits Laptop Models:

Toshiba Dynabook CX Series
Dynabook CX/45C, Dynabook CX/45D, Dynabook CX/45E,
Dynabook CX/47C, Dynabook CX/47D, Dynabook CX/47E
Toshiba Dynabook SS Series
Dynabook SS M40 180E/3W, Dynabook SS M40 186C/3W,
Dynabook SS M41 186C/3W, Dynabook SS M41 200E/3W

Toshiba Equium U300 Series
Equium U300-15i

Toshiba Portege M600 Series
Portege M600-E320, Portege M600-E340, Portege M600-E360,
Portege M601, Portege M602, Portege M603, Portege M606,
Portege M607, Portege M609, Portege M612

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 Series
Satellite Pro U300-106, Satellite Pro U300- 10U, Satellite Pro U300-10W,
Satellite Pro U300-10Z, Satellite Pro U300-116, Satellite Pro U300-11K,
Satellite Pro U300-121, Satellite Pro U300-13O, Satellite Pro U300-13P,
Satellite Pro U300-13Y, Satellite Pro U300-142, Satellite Pro U300- 143,
Satellite Pro U300-148, Satellite Pro U300-14D, Satellite Pro U300-14R,
Satellite Pro U300-14S, Satellite Pro U300- 15B, Satellite Pro U300-15C,
Satellite Pro U300-15D, Satellite Pro U300-15W

Toshiba Satellite U300 Series
Satellite U300-10M, Satellite U300-111, Satellite U300-113,
Satellite U300-114, Satellite U300-115, Satellite U300-11P,
Satellite U300-11Q, Satellite U300-11V, Satellite U300-130,
Satellite U300-134, Satellite U300-13I, Satellite U300-13J,
Satellite U300-13K, Satellite U300-13L, Satellite U300-13M,
Satellite U300-13N, Satellite U300-13U, Satellite U300-13V,
Satellite U300-149, Satellite U300-14B, Satellite U300-14Z,
Satellite U300-150, Satellite U300-151, Satellite U300-152,
Satellite U300-153, Satellite U300-154, Satellite U300-15P,
Satellite U300-15Q, Satellite U300-15S, Satellite U300-ST3091,
Satellite U300- ST3094

Toshiba Satellite U305 Series
Satellite U305-S2804, Satellite U305-S2806, Satellite U305- S2808,
Satellite U305-S2812, Satellite U305-S5077, Satellite U305-S5087,
Satellite U305-S5097, Satellite U305-S5107, Satellite U305-S5117,
Satellite U305- S5127, Satellite U305-S7432, Satellite U305 -S7446,
Satellite U305-S7448, Satellite U305-S7449, Satellite U305-S7467,
Satellite U305-S7477

Toshiba Tecra M8 Series
Tecra M8-S8011, Tecra M8-S8011X, Tecra M8-ST3093,
Tecra M8-ST3094

This Lithium-ion PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 laptop battery pack is a rechargeable, removable, replacement Lithium-ion battery designed to work with TOSHIBA laptop computer.
100% safe shopping guaranteed. Usually Ships within 24 hours! We accept credit card payment PayPal payment system

TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 laptop battery care and use instructions:
  • Do not modify or disassemble TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 battery.
  • Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive
  • TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 laptop battery gets a little warm when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  • If you do not use your laptop for a long time, remove the TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 battery pack from the laptop
  • Do not loading and unloading the battery when connecting the laptop ac adapter, this will lead to direct burn TOSHIBA laptop battery.
  • Do not mix the TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 notebook battery with keychain, coins and other metal objects in order to avoid short-circuit.
  • Bad charger may damage the TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 replacement battery, please use reliable charger.

PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 are made from a grade cells and highest quality parts . replacement laptop batteries by battery-notebook.net. The TOSHIBA PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 is designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Replaces battery part numbers PA3594U-1BAS PABAS110 . This battery has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is 100% compatible with the Toshiba Equium U300-15i Series, and other TOSHIBA notebooks.

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